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Do-Advice » Blog Archive » Choosing the Right Cold or Flu Medication for Those with High Blood Pressure

Choosing the Right Cold or Flu Medication for Those with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an increasingly common affliction, and with it comes the increasing danger of unknowingly putting yourself at risk of new or increased blood pressure issues as a result of the use of over the counter medications as common as cold and flu medicines that are readily available.  How is it that medicines so commonly sold and easily acquired at the local pharmacy can have such dangerous potential?

The answer is in the decongestants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that these drugs use in order to control some of the symptoms of the cold and the flu, such as a runny nose and sneezing.  Decongestants and NSAIDs unfortunately, commonly cause an increase in blood pressure as a side effect.

In fact, not only do you risk increasing your blood pressure when using regular medications that include decongestants and NSAIDs, but you may also cause a conflict with any blood pressure medications that you may be taking at the same time.

Examples of common decongestant ingredients that can cause blood pressure issues are:

• Phenylephrine
• Oxymetazoline
• Pseudoephedrine

Examples of common NSAIDs that can cause blood pressure issues are:

• Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)
• Naproxen (Naprosyn)
• Meloxicam (Mobic)
• Naproxen sodium (Aleve)

If you have a family history or personal history of high blood pressure, and especially if you are already taking blood pressure medication to control high blood pressure, it is very important that you be selective about the cold and flu medications that you choose.  Fortunately, some cold and flu medicine companies have recognized this issue, and have created products that have been specially formulated for people who already have high blood pressure.  By opting for these medications, you are making sure that your cold, cough, and flu relief is safe for the rest of your health.  The secret is that these products are free from decongestants, and therefore will not raise your blood pressure.

The following products are decongestant free, and are therefore safe for treating the symptoms of coughs, colds, and the flu, even when you already suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension:

• Coricidin HBP® Cold and Flu Tablets – a medication that uses antihistamines, pain relievers, and fever reducers to temporarily relieve symptoms such as aches and pains (including headaches), while reducing the fever commonly associated with colds and the flu.  These tablets also provide temporary relief of runny nose and sneezing caused by the common cold.

• Coricidin HBP® Cough and Cold Tablets – medication that uses antihistamines and cough suppressants to temporarily relieve the symptoms of coughing and minor throat discomfort that are frequently associated with the common cold.  This medication also temporarily relieves runny nose and sneezing from colds.

• Coricidin HBP® Maximum Strength Flu Tablets – medicine that uses antihistamines, pain relievers, fever reducers, and cough suppressants in order to achieve the temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms which include: coughing, runny nose, sneezing, aches and pains caused by the common cold or the flu.

Even with these medications available to you, it is important that you consult your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medications.  Be certain to keep yourself informed regarding any blood pressure issues you have, and have your doctor and pharmacist help you in understanding the labels on your over-the-counter medicines so that you don’t inadvertently cause or worsen your high blood pressure.

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