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Do-Advice » Blog Archive » Acid Reflux Weight Loss – Part 2: How a Diet for GERD Can Equal Sweet Relief

Acid Reflux Weight Loss – Part 2: How a Diet for GERD Can Equal Sweet Relief

Creating a diet for GERD and weight loss at the same time can take a bit of time to develop, but is well worth the effort when you discover the difference it can have to your acid reflux and other GERD symptoms.  Typically, the hardest part is making the initial decision and then setting your initial goal.  From then on, it’s a step-by-step process that depends only on you and your will power for success.

A diet for GERD will normally mean your lifestyle will be changing in terms of your eating and activity habits. Breaking old habits can be challenging its important to remember that it’s not impossible, and that you are ready to take control over your acid reflux symptoms.

To ensure your success, ask yourself a few questions. These should not only be posed when you first get started, but also whenever you feel your motivation slipping, so may want to write them down and keep them handy:

- How important is it to you to get your GERD symptoms (as well as your weight) under control?  What difference will the lost weight have in the way you look and feel?  How will your health improve with some lost pounds?  Write a list of your answers and refer back to it whenever you need incentive to keep up the good work.

- Have you ever lost weight or tried to lose weight?  If you are like most people, this isn’t the first time you’ve made the effort to shed a few pounds.  However, even if you were unsuccessful in the past, or if you put the weight back on again, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it this time.  The trick is to make lifestyle changes, not just try to lose weight for a specific time, allowing yourself to return to old habits afterward.  Take gradual steps and build the right eating and exercise routine for your life in a way that you can handle over time.

- Seek out friends and family who will support you or even take on their own weight loss initiative to keep you company.  Activities like weight loss or a change in lifestyle are much easier to achieve when you have someone helping you out along the way.   You’ll benefit from each other’s support and motivation.

- Make sure that you understand all of the ways in which your life will benefit from the weight loss. Remind yourself of each of the acid reflux symptoms that will be decreased by your diet for GERD.  List the health risk that will decrease when you lose weight.  Don’t forget all of the other health benefits you’ll enjoy when you lose weight.  Furthermore, you’ll look and feel better and you’ll have a higher energy level.

- Make the commitment to take care of yourself.  Love yourself and care for yourself.  Be willing to spend time and effort on your behalf. 

- Be certain that you’re starting a diet for GERD at the right time in your life.  If you’ve just gone through an extremely stressful event (such as a wedding, a move, a new job, a divorce, etc), though weight loss would be good for you there is a risk that your motivation may be compromised.  Avoid trying to start your new weight loss effort when you’re undergoing unusual amounts of stress.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions and given yourself some honest answers, you’ll be able to move on to the next step for your diet for GERD.  With your motivation high its time to cover some diet basics. The key to losing weight successfully is a simple equation:

Less Calories + More Exercise = Weight Loss

There is any number of diets you could choose to follow; however the key is to take into account your GERD symptoms when choosing one. So now that you have your motivations and your goals, you can take the time to find out what your acid reflux weight loss program will look like and how you’ll be fitting it into your life.

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