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Managing Your Bulk Email Server the Easy Way

Posted in Bulk Email Server on May 1st, 2007

There is a difference between bulk email and spam. However, when it comes to you bulk email server, you need to make sure that you not only know the difference, but also that you understand managing your bulk email server the easy way. If you do, you will avoid legal and ethical problems while still effectively marketing your product, service, or website.

Managing your bulk email server the easy way means doing it the right way. What does that mean? It means understanding what works with bulk email, what is ethical, and how to avoid problems with those not wanting to receive your messages.

First of all, when managing your bulk email server the easy way, you want to always make sure you are sending out a message that is worth the time of the person who will read it, and that you are sending the message to someone who wants to, or at least opts to, receive your email messages. Part of your management scheme should include getting your email lists either from an opt-in form on a company website or through a reputable email list seller.

Secondly, managing your bulk email server the easy way means avoiding returned messages. Make sure your email list, no matter where it has come from, has been thoroughly “scrubbed.” That is, make sure the email addresses are real addresses and that there are no duplicates in the list. If you send your message to someone twice, it looks unprofessional and will give you no hope of having that person take your messages seriously.

Thirdly, you should definitely consider that managing your bulk email server the easy way means setting up an easy opt-out option for those receiving your message. In fact, if you want to avoid the label of “spammer,” you must have a way for recipients of the messages to get themselves taken off your mailing list. Once you have been labeled a spammer, you will lose all credibility as well as any hope of an effective bulk email campaign. Not to mention the legal ramifications of the spam issue. So it is best to make sure you read up on and understand how you should manage your bulk email server to comply with government and local bulk email regulations.

Finally, managing your bulk email server the easy way means setting it up with reports and auto-functions. Most of the best bulk emails servers will allow you to run reports after you send each message. It can tell you which email addresses got returned, which can help you continue the scrubbing process with your lists. Also, you should be able to automatically remove addresses from which you get an opt-out, as well as add messages from opt-ins. Doing things the easy way means getting it set up so that your computer does as much of it as possible.

Keep in mind that managing your bulk email server the easy way means a couple of things. First of all, it means doing things the right way to prevent working double the amount. Secondly, it means that you set up the computer and server to do as much work alone as possible. You will soon find that managing the easy way sure beats managing the hard way.